WordPress Website in Under 15 Minutes

What? I Can Start My Own WP Blog Website in 15 Minutes?

(this is updated, and there’s a special deal for anyone who sets or is interested in setting up their site by 1/11. First, Bluehost is offering a great deal of $3.49 AND I am offering some bonus setup help! Printing out this post is highly recommended if you are going to set up your site.)

For anyone serious about their career, or is a budding author, or building a personal brand, or is an Emerging Speaker – a website is a necessary tool in building your platform.  My pinwheel philosophy (c) (see page 3) has a website (with an email collection system) at it’s core for all individuals interested in building their brand. If you’re serious about building your brand, and don’t have a website, the information below can help you get a website opened up in 15(ish) minutes. It will take you a little longer to personalize or customize it once it’s set up, but you can be up and running in 15 minutes.  Let me share with you how. (Please note:  any link you see can be assumed a referral link, but know I only recommend tools I’ve used.  I’ve set this up because of the info I am offering here.)

A couple of years ago I switched to Bluehost for my new domains and hosting, because service on my other hosting site is extremely SLOW, and support pitiful (I am still in the process of transferring more of my sites off).  Bluehost’s customer service, ease of setting up, and their hosting uptime are what make me a customer for life! Between my sites and my clients, I have endured all kinds of hosting plans, services, and nightmares.  Bluehost was the only one to talk to me on my level, and not like I was inexperienced beginner or some advanced techie. They helped me through every step, and even made some very valuable suggestions.

WordPress is my website platform of choice (it’s not just for blogging anymore). For clarity on url, hosting, blogging platform, please see definitions / explanations in the next post (link will be added here shortly).

Bluehost makes it SO INCREDIBILY easy to set up your own web site and /or WordPress blog! On the control panel – there’s a “one click WordPress Installation”. Many other hosting companies offer something similar, but this was an clear Press and done and you have a blog! (When there are too many steps, or I have to look for things or wonder/worry about doing something wrong, I shy away – but not with these guys – which I why I recommend them to everyone.)

 Bluehost Hosting

Would you like me to walk you through just how easy it is? I do that for you below, with a simple tutorial I put together for you – NO COST, NO HASSLE, NO WORRY.  Every speaker should have a professional website and blog and I don’t want costs or time prohibiting you. If you are interested in the webinar tutorial version, watching me setup a site live, email me for the link if it’s not already posted here.

(Why am I offering this tutorial gratis? Because: If you signup for Bluehost through my affiliate link above or below, I earn a small commission. So instead of having you pay for step-by-step instructions, Bluehost pays me instead. Cool. eh?)

Step 1: Click Sign Up Now On Bluehost.com’s Home Page

This part’s real easy! Once you click my Bluehost affiliate link, click “Sign up!”.  (of all the hosting companies out there, Bluehost offers great features, and great support. Note that the promotions on the front page may change, but everyone gets a great deal.)  (NOTE:  before you get started, if you’re serious about setting up a site, have some domain names written down, along with some alternatives)

Get Bluehost Website


Step 2: Type In Your Desired Domain Name – And Click Next

You get a domain name AND Hosting. Here’s where you type in your desired domain name. Stick with .com because it’s the most popular domain extension. Bluehost can also help you transfer a domain if you have a domain name somewhere else (something worth considering). There are all kinds of new extensions coming out, and for some domain names it may be wise to get all the versions of the name you want, but you don’t need to worry about that right now. (more on this piece later)

Bluehost Hosting

Step 3: Complete Your Account Information

(Sorry, Web hosting* isn’t free, so a credit card is required.)

This is the section  that makes the domain and hosting all yours!  You won’t have other costs to get your site up right now.  Down the pike you may.  For now, just fill in your account details. Web hosting is inexpensive, but does recur yearly or more (and on some other services, you can choose a monthly recurring option, depending on your selection). I always pick the longest term I can afford, so I don’t have to worry about it.  You do want to make sure you never let your domain name and hosting fees lapse! It can be very damaging by losing your url. Go ahead – complete the account info.

Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost Hosting

When you get to this page, you’ll notice a section called “Package Information.” These add-ons cost extra, but here’s the deal:

If I were you, I would DEFINITELY get the Domain Whois Privacy. This keeps your personally identifiable information private — protecting you from the crazy people.

I also highly recommend getting backup pro because it’s cheap–$19.99 per year–and saves you lots of headaches. It helps not having to worry about certain things – like if your site blows up.  But both backup pro, and the site lock are not necessary at this point since we are just quickly setting up your url and wordpress website.  You can go back and add them on as you get serious about your site, and adding things on.

Bluehost Hosting

Step 4: Create Your Password (The best way to create a password below)

Now you need to create your password. If I were you, I’d try to create a password that contains lowercase letters, uppercase letters, a symbol, and a number. And make sure it’s at least 8 characters. Use a phrase you’ll remember, and substitute the necessary symbols and numbers.

Bluehost Hosting

Once you click create your password, you’ll be redirected to this page here:

Bluehost Hosting


That’s where you create your password.

Step 5: Login to your newly created Bluehost Account — You’re almost done

Bluehost Hosting


Step 6: Create Your WordPress Blog In Less Than A Minute…

Now’s the time to create your NEW WordPress blog. It’s going to take you like 60 seconds. And not cost you a thing! (If you want a unique or special design or layout, you can buy a theme to help you in that department. But this can also be done later.) Don’t panic at what you see.

Bluehost Hosting

First, make sure you’re looking at your control panel. This is under Hosting > cPanel.

Then scroll down a little bit and click the WordPress icon. See it here:

Bluehost Hosting

Then, you’ll be redirected to a page, where you have to scroll down a bit more, and click the WordPress icon one more time. See it here:

Bluehost Hosting

Once you do that, you’ll be pointed to another page, where you have to just click “Install.” And then you are pretty much done. Check it out here:

Bluehost Hosting

Now you need to pick your WordPress settings. Here’s what I recommend, and learned the hard way. If you’re starting a brand new website, and a brand new domain, install WordPress into your root directory. That means, leave that box “after” your domain in Step 1 blank. 

Additionally, you’ll want to type in your title, like the Misadventures of a New Speaker or something related to you or your brand or your topic. And if I were you, I would uncheck all of those plugins and themes. You really don’t need them.  You will be able to add what you need later.

The screenshot for the above is here below:

Bluehost Hosting

For some reason, Bluehost doesn’t like this blank setting by default, so you will be redirected to another page, that asks you if you want to overwrite your core files in that directory. If this is a BRAND NEW WEBSITE, the answer is yes. Additionally, make sure to uncheck all the plugins/themes again.

Bluehost Hosting

Now you’re really almost done – you’ll be redirected to a page that says it’s installing your new WordPress site.

Bluehost Hosting

And then – how exciting – you are now the proud owner of your very own website. Ready for content!  Isn’t that cool??  It can be the most exhilarating feeling.  Now you’re done. Obviously you get to modify, customize and populate, but you now have a website.

Bluehost Hosting

You can now type in your domain name in any browser, and you’ll see your newly created WordPress website / blog. Good for you! Congratulations!

See – that wasn’t too bad now was it? If I had a way to make a fireworks or celebration noise on my site right now, I’d kick it off!

Now wasn’t that easy? Right?

What do you do AFTER you’re done installing WordPress? Come back next week for the next installment in setting up your own Website – part of the Creating Your Stage Series.  (or contact me with any questions or help – book my time here.  If you want a pdf download of this – comment below, and I’ll hook you up.)  

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!!  If you did indeed setup your website – comment below with the url.  I will give you 1 hour, yes 1 HOUR! FREE, of individual coaching time to help you customize and get your site started, get some plugins setup etc., and / or to discuss strategy.  I’ll also send you some checklists, and going forward tip sheets.

Now that wasn’t too bad was it?  (No snickering! :-) )  Let me know below what you think of this WordPress Website tutorial.

To your platform building and personal branding success!






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