What Do You Want to Happen?

what do you want to happen as a result

It’s a common rookie mistake. You’ve written a great speech or presentation, and expect it to fly. But not enough thought is given to “what do you want to happen as a result” of that speech? Many people say:

I want them to buy my ‘insert name of book, consulting, service, product here,’


I want them to be motivated.


I want them to ‘like what I have to say’

Problem is, that result is perhaps thought of at the end, as an after thought actually: ‘how should I end / close this speech’.

But this question is a fundamental good communication law, that should be addressed BEFORE writing your next email, your next post, speech, interaction at work, or rant at the supermarket.

So, what do you want to happen as a result of your:

  • Speaking
  • emailing
  • posting
  • video’g

…basically any communication that you have? Give it some real thought before some of your bigger communication efforts (like speeches, posts, ebooks, emails).  Begin with the end in mind.  Doing so will actually be the north star as you develop and fine tune your words, and provide that standard to measure your work up against, as well as keeping you on the straight and narrow.


What did I want to happen as a result of this post?

That you would apply the information not only in your speeches, but in your everyday life.  THEN –  you would get some great, unexpected results, comment, and share this post. (And personally, that I would continue to do the same. This little question has saved me countless foot in mouth follies, has helped be better shape and choose the right language and tone for my emails, presentations, and personal conversations. It has helped me tremendously at work, and in my relationships.  Why? Mainly because it has stopped the verbal diarrhea and ask myself what would really speaking my mind do, and is there a better way.)

The world has gone a little nuts lately with people in all ranks of life, and all levels of fame (or not), spewing off some pretty hurtful, disrespectful, and downright disparaging things. Now some of it had included some thought, because the intent was for coverage and impact, but I don’t think there’s much thought after that.

We have some truly great and gifted speakers in our groups, who can truly impact the world in a positive way.  And if half of them followed the golden communication rules above… it would take their presentations, results, and impact to the next level. And that’s what I’m waiting to see.

Let me know how this helps you, or if you follow some other guiding principle for your speeches.


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