What Can Emerging Speakers Learn From Trump

So what can emerging speakers learn from Trump, I mean really learn?

First: break all the rules. Second, and a close second, is the below.

I’ve been advising my emerging speakers for quite some time now that the world of speaking has been undergoing a major shift: that the ‘talking head’ style of well-choreographed, well-timed, perfectly-spoken speeches are not what the audiences want anymore. Social Media and the Demographic shift and Social Media changed that for good.

What Audiences Want / The Shift

Audiences want raw, innovative, emotional, experience-driven, presentations where they are engaged. They want authentic, they want to know where you stand, what you stand for – how you understand them.  Think performance vs sermon.

This requires real knowledge about where the audience is at the moment, what they are feeling, what they are experiencing, and by using their language of their pains, frustrations, ‘place’ in the day or life, you begin to pull them into your world of thought.  Darren LaCroix coined the term Tap and Transport I believe, but I think there’s a piece missing, and I call it T’nT.

what can emerging speakers learn from TrumpTarget over Topic

I get the “but my topic is for everybody” line (I hear ALL the time), but that’s old school thinking, and a bad approach ESPECIALLY for emerging speakers.  It MAY be in the long run, but if your goal is to make some serious headway with speaking, it’s time to think a little differently. By targeting your speech or presentation specifically to a certain audience at a deeper, more emotional level, by being real and your true self with them (assuming you’ve done your homework & speak their language), you can set your little world on fire.

Once you’ve pulled these people in and created a tribe of believers…these people will begin to spread the word about you on their own impetus to their networks, without you prodding.  This fuels the need of people to belong to the movement, a tribe, and a part of the ‘popular’ crowd.  (to see how this works, watch this great Derek Sivers TEDT talk on How to Start a Movement.)

So if you are truly serious about setting your emerging speaker status on fire… start with a targeted audience.  ID a group with a big enough ‘something’ that you can tap.  If you’re not sure if your topics can reach certain audiences, or not sure of audiences you can reach to start with – let’s talk.

Toastmasters doesn’t teach you this.  Many coaches don’t either (they focus on your ability first).

Think: audience – topic – ability.  Let’s discuss your style and topics, and let’s see what impact we can create for you by targeting the right audiences to start with first!  Those of our Emerging Speakers who did this with me or are doing this are now experiencing success in their own rights.

So whatever your stance on the election results, and whatever you think of ‘The Donald’, really look at what can emerging speakers learn from Trump. Emerging Speakers are also lacking the experience, tenure, inside relationships, but want to get a foot in the door and make some impact, and get heard. hired. paid.

In closing:  Don’t be a Trump, or Hillary, or Les Brown, or Oprah. Create something that only you can do!  This applies to you whether you want to be a paid, professional speaker, or a business owner who makes side income and leads from speaking. (works even if you are looking for a new job).

Go new school.  Break some rules. The world is about to change. Are you?


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