Welcome to the Launch!

WELCOME! to all potential speakers, professional speakers, transitioning speakers, event and meeting planners, and all interested!

Speakers Bureau PA/NJ – the premier, newly formed D38 SJ Speakers Bureau is a passion of mine. I believe we can’t ‘just’ jump into professional speaking, or put our careers into the hands of others, or leave a business lead channel un-turned.

When we add some direction to our dreams, make them goals and take s.m.a.r.t. actions, then surround ourselves with people who are where we want to be – we ALL grow, we ALL deliver, and we ALL create relationships and partnerships that propel us to levels we didn’t think possible!

Come give the Bureau a test drive if you are serious about your speaking (whether you are a Toastmaster or not)!

Also, sign up to the Bureau newsletter to stay abreast of the latest events, speaker promotions, and tips and techniques to drive your business or career. Click here: SB Newsletter.

To your speaking success,



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