Video Platforms & Options for Speakers

Video OptionsVideos and images are the engagement tools of the moment, so for speakers looking to create a little brand awareness, list building, and exposure, consider using some of the quick video tools listed below.

We’ve be ‘trained’ as aspiring speakers however, that videos need to be professional, meaty, and long…but the world has changed at a rapid clip, and the ambitious, successful speaker is the one who keeps up, and gets content (videos, images, posts) out quickly.  Your audiences want to see you, in the moment, to get a little window into what you are all about.

If you will be speaking soon, whether at your own event, as a presenter at someone else’s event, or want to start getting the word out about who you are and what you do, seriously consider adding one of the following video platforms / tools to your repertoire.

After video platform list below is a handy Vine hack for hands free shooting, courtesy of Braincandy and the Assistive Touch App.

Here are some video platform options for you:

  1. Vine: Allows you to create short, looping videos for twitter and facebook.  Comes as an app for your phone as well as Windows laptop. Consider setting up a channel and playlists like on youtube.  (It can be way easier than writing up a blog post, though it is
  2. Vimeo: Push your best work here.  Or, create more professional, cleaner versions of your Vine and other off the cuff videos, and put here. No ads, more topical.
  3. Youtube:  You all know what Youtube is….and it’s golden for increasing your search results.  As a speaker, having your own channel with playlists of people and things that inspire you, as well as your speeches, presentations.  Try to stay away from real long videos though, people will most likely tap out at 3 minutes. CAVEAT: people give you a mere few seconds of their time, to see if watching the remainder is worth it.  It’s your job to hook them with the title, deliver on that title, and open strong on the video.
  4. Google Hangouts:  while not ‘technically’ a video platform, it’s a quick, unique way to have a live interaction, interview or presentation online.  Beauty of this option is it’s free, creates an HD video, and a youtube recording. And it can be a live offering.
  5. Meerkat: Great video app for twitter.  Allows you to quickly share a video from your phone and start a conversation.  Can be of you, testimonials, events you are at, or of things that would be of interest to your demographic. (See? it helps to know your target market in more ways than one.)
  6. Ustream: When you’re ready to move up and are serious about getting your word out there.  Ustream your events, and even charge.  This is useful for people to ‘go’ to your event without having to be there, and for you to make a little extra money from the event.  Go paid when you are serious about your presentations.  The free version is helpful, only you cannot charge, and there are ads.  We use this at our CA Bureau, so us Eastcoasters can be a part of the action. Another option is Livestream (a little more expensive, and when you’ve ‘graduated’ into a serious commitment for online presence).

Here’s a new hands free app for Vine Videos

Social Media Week and Braincandy shared this quick little iphone hack for hands free shooting, to allow you to record some quick interesting videos, while narrating in the back, or wherever your imagination takes you.

Even if you don’t use, or can’t find a way to use this hands free feature of video production for vine, consider giving Vine a try for quick videos that can be easily shared on your Twitter stream.

Here’s how to make the hands free work, courtesy of Braincandy:


Let me know what other tools you use below!


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