A Look at Successful Speakers In 5 Years

I recently read a “What Life will be Like in 5 Years” post from Fast Company’s Co.Exist site, written by Leah Hunter, based on an IBM Top Scientist’s report.  Since I thought it was lacking a key slide, I decided to create my own version to add on to those slides: What Successful Speakers will look like in 5 Years .

Successful Speaker in 5 Years


Feel free to let me know your thoughts and insights!  And in 5 years, I’ll revisit to check.  :-) Actually the goal is to keep adding to this profile of a Successful Speaker as time moves forward.

Here at the Emerging Speakers Bureau, that’s our goal: to create well-rounded, forward thinking, tech savvy, Business oriented, Planner oriented, and Objective oriented Speakers!

To your Success ~


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