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Overcome Uncomfortable to Get Success (10 things to do)

  Recently, Hubspot posted an article on the 12  Uncomfortable Things that Will Make you More Successful. Let me ask you something…if you could join and be a part of 1 group this year that will help you cross off 10 things on that list all at once, and create success for yourself this year […]

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power in numbers

Power in Numbers – Do You Have What it Takes?

Open Challenge / Offer to Members of the Bureau (whether a Qualified Speaker or not) Have you ever been part of a sports game (particularly Football, Soccer, Basketball)? How about a concert? Or a televised show? How about a prayer meeting, or any given Sunday mass at a Baptist church? How about a march for […]

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Speaker Blog Challenge

The Speakers Bureau Speaker blog challenge is open to any CA, PA, or NJ Speakers Bureau Member, and it will run from 1/8-2/28. The purpose of the challenge is to help our Speakers build their skills, build their audience, meet some 2014 goals, start their path towards a book, create some new speeches – the […]

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top 10 tips to build speaker success

10 Tips to Build Your Speaking Success in 2014

From my marketing and analytics experience, historical data tells me that only 23% of you scanned my post (or email), and 25% of that 23% actually did something, such as clicked like or opened a document, or clicked a link.  That’s basically 5% of my total list, who will ‘do’ something (aka conversion).  All of […]

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get on target for more money

2013 Year in Review – Brand Awareness Baseline

2013 Year in Review / 2014 Year Ahead: Building Your Brand Health It’s December! Already! Do you know what that means??? It’s time for my annual “Year in Review” process.   In Chris Guillebeau’s book, “The Art of Non Conformity”, Chris recommends everyone perform their own annual review.  He even posted a review template for everyone […]

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make a shift

How to make a SHIFT

Want to make a shift? The 1 question you need to ask yourself that no one tells you! There’s been a recurring theme lately, where people (my friends, clients, & some of those I know), seem to be stuck beyond their ‘perceived’ capacity to handle a situation. They go on and on about the options […]

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think into action

August: Decision and Action trumps Wish + Dreams

Actionable August. While most people are on vacation, taking much needed breaks from work, stress, and daily routines, many of those folks also put their dreams, wishes, and desires on the back burner for vacation. Many people do ‘think’ about their dreams and wishes on vacation, but that’s all they do – incidentally think: “boy, […]

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secrets to success

Secrets to Success Are Everywhere

This is a guest post, borrowed with permission from the OC Speakers Bureau in CA, which was originally provided to Victor Broski via recommendations of Facebook friends.  The originator credit follows this post. Secrets to success are everywhere, along with a great many motivational quotes. There are many great points here which are applicable to all […]

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roadmap and compass

Create a Path, Find a Path, Just DO!

Find a path / Create a path / Follow a path.  Because as we all know, when you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. Here at the Bureau, we are all here to make progress forward in developing our platform, honing our message, perfecting our craft. Critical to your […]

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Welcome to the Launch!

WELCOME! to all potential speakers, professional speakers, transitioning speakers, event and meeting planners, and all interested! Speakers Bureau PA/NJ – the premier, newly formed D38 SJ Speakers Bureau is a passion of mine. I believe we can’t ‘just’ jump into professional speaking, or put our careers into the hands of others, or leave a business […]

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