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Powerful Evaluations

Powerful Evaluations Wanted

Team Post by:  Donna Fountain The success of the Bureau and its members, depends on the strength of one of  its greatest assets: peer evaluations.  Powerful evaluations are rooted in emotional intelligence, in both the evaluator and evaluatee. Giving and receiving (and more importantly, applying) honest feedback requires maturity. Why? Because what you see depends […]

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Own the Stage Live Coaching!

Think you can’t be a great speaker? Think again. World Champion Speakers, Darren LaCroix & Ed Tate didn’t start with all the coaching secrets. But you will walk away with them. Before becoming the World Champion out of 25,000 contestants, both Darren & Ed studied year’s worth of World Champion contests. They were mentored by […]

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Founders District Interview with Darren LaCroix

While apart of the Founders District Speakers Bureau, we were fortunate to have several guests, such as Sheryl Roush, Ed Tate, and Darren LaCroix! Darren’s take on evaluations are absolutely insightful! If you have the gumption and courage to get up in front of Darren for 2-3 minutes, it will be more than worth the […]

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