Start with a Single Step

Ken Krawchuk on the radioThis is a guest post from Ken Krawchuk, about his interview on Sanity Check Radio Show:

Two and a half millennia ago, the Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu noted, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Last Saturday, my journey to become a Toastmaster Accredited Speaker took its first step when I was invited to appear on Philadelphia’s talk radio station “IQ 106.9 FM”.  Originally billed as a 15-minute appearance to announce my intent to seek the Libertarian party nomination for Governor of Pennsylvania in 2014, the show went so well that the host kept me on the air for 45 minutes.  A fun time, for sure!  And I’ve already been invited back.

Live radio is always a challenge, primarily because it’s live.  Also, with no video you need to rely heavily on vocal variety to give depth and meaning to your words.  And with no audience, you have no immediate feedback on how well you’re communicating.  It’s almost like talking to yourself, and the silence imposed by the headphones and the recording booth add to that isolation.  It’s difficult to remember that several million people are in range of the broadcast—but that’s probably a good thing to forget!

Audio of the show is on the web at, and my segment starts at exactly 60 minutes into the program although I don’t get to speak for the first few minutes.  And yes, there was one noticeable “ah” in there.  Goes to show.

In the picture, on the air: Left to right: Ken Krawchuk with hosts Lou Jasikoff and Jason Scheure

Ken Krawchuk in the “hot seat” 23 minutes and 43 seconds into the show.

Start with a single step! I encourage everyone to make that first effort towards their goals! 


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