speakers2watch emerging speakers 2 watchAs emerging speakers come through and truly use the power of the emerging speakers bureau to help them reach their goals, we get to see some extraordinary speakers who are starting to break out.  These speakers give countless presentations in order to refine, hone, and truly connect with their audiences.

They identify key audiences, and what impacts those audiences so they can better connect.

They identify their core messages and takeaways.

Being a great speaker doesn’t just happen – it takes individuals committed to the craft, and we can truly say, these emerging speakers are committed to connecting with and impacting their audiences.

We’re looking towards the day when we can say:  ‘we knew them when…” and hopefully they’ll remember us when they are big time!

Some of our current Speakers2Watch are:

tynisha scott emerging speakers bureauTynisha Scottclick here for more info. She’s recently been invited to speak at summits, workshops and seminars! She’s working on her own signature seminar and workshop.  A real powerhouse speaker.  Congrats! See more about Tynisha and her topics here.



charisma justis emerging speakers bureau

Charisma Justis, the real Charisma,  click here for more info. A product reviewer, blogger, and powerful speaker, Charisma has some unique and interesting takes on dating, life, travel, and hair! See more about Charisma and her topics here.


anthony simeone emerging speakerswatch



Anthony Simeone, click here for more info.  He’s recently been invited to speak in October at the Hero Round Table event, in Brighton, Michigan! He’ll be on the main stage, as well as running several breakout workshops.  Congrats! See more about Anthony and his topics here.




bryan bradshaw emerging speakers 2 watch

Bryan Bradshaw, click here for more information. Bryan will be speaking at the 5th Annual National Suicide Prevention Day Conference hosted by the New Jersey Association of Addiction Agencies.  His topic is Insights Gained from Being Bullied and its Impact on Mental Health.  Go Bryan! See more about Bryan and his topics here.



chris hampton emerging speakers 2 watchChris Hampton, has been making major inroads in Camden NJ and surrounds on several motivational leadership topics for youth. He has been invited to eMCee the youth portion of the Haddon Street Festival, and speak to the community on Aim High, but start Local.



We have many more speakers at all levels, and topics. If you’re interested in any of our speakers, or not sure who would be a match for you community or organizational event, complete this form and we will contact you.  If you just have questions and are not sure where to start for your event, please contact us here.

We provide fresh talent, fresh topics, and make sure you are getting the right speakers for your event.

If you’ve seen or heard any of our speakers2watch, please leave a comment below!