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esb blog challengeThe Speakers Bureau Speaker blog challenge is open to any CA, PA, or NJ Speakers Bureau Member, and it will run from 1/8-2/28.

The purpose of the challenge is to help our Speakers build their skills, build their audience, meet some 2014 goals, start their path towards a book, create some new speeches – the possibilities are endless!

Those who blog or post consistently increase their exposure, web site traffic, build their brand, and build skills.  Hubspot claims their customers who write just 3-4 blog posts per month get 20 more monthly lead submissions, 800 more monthly site visits, 60 more Twitter followers, and 50 more Facebook like’s than customers who only write 2 blog posts per month.

Real benefits for you:

  1. Starts you on the way to building a habit;
  2. Increases exposure for yourself, for your business, for your speaking;
  3. Allows you to test topics, titles, content and even allows you to test language for your target demographic – niche personas;
  4. Allows you to serve your clients and customers;
  5. Helps you expand on your book or speech;
  6. Provides a chance to ‘win’ a prize, and the honor of having participated!  The winner will also be featured on the front page of the Speakers Bureau website, on the newsletter, and on the meetup group.


  1. If you sign up, you are committing to at least writing 1 post a week, for at least a month. You can post more and / or participate for the whole blogging period from 1/8-2/28.
  2. No direct sales posts. We are encouraging value added content that will help you and your audience, to promote a quality writing and posting base.
  3. You are entitled to post a link to your blog url on the Emerging Speakers Facebook group.
  4. You are allowed to sign up multiple times – 1 entry per blog / url.  If you have several blogs you would like to enter into the challenge, or a blog and a linkedin stream you must sign each up (see bottom of this post).
  5. If you do not have a blog – NO WORRIES! You have 2 options:
    1. You can submit a post that can be published on the Speakers Bureau site.
    2. You can commit to a weekly posting on Linkedin in, the Emerging Speakers group, a group you belong to on Linkedin,  Google +, twitter, Pinterest, etc.
    3. The winner will be selected by vote of all the members.

How you can help / participate even if you don’t want to join the writing part of the challenge:

  1. Support your fellow members who are participating by reading their posts,
  2. Commenting on their post’s page,
  3. Commenting via email to the author / challenger and sharing post feedback to help the author write better posts over time, help them find their voice, etc.,
  4. Share any of the posts  that you find very good, informative, funny, relevant, etc.

If you need tools, templates, post tracking, writing help, ideas, please contact me and I’d be happy to help. Or post a question below!

How to join:  Email me, post ‘I’m in’ on the FB page or on the meetup page. Please include your name, email, and url where you will be posting. Or, signup through the form below.

Sign up above, comment below, make sure to participate in some way!

To your speaking success,


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