The Real Secret to Marketing Like a Pro

real secret to marketing like a proSure, you can learn to:

— market like a pro,

— build a business like a pro,

— do your social media like a pro,

— write like a pro,

— launch a book like a pro,

— anything like a pro.

But there’s only ONE secret to actually accomplishing any of those, AND more importantly, seeing real return on your investments.  Until you understand and activate that one secret, you will accumulate lots of great educational materials, links, ebooks, and perhaps ‘waste’ countless hours on free/paid webinars and reading articles.

Whether you are a freelancer, solo-preneur (Speaker, Artist, Maker, Entertainer, Info Marketer, etc), Independent Consultant, you have to wear many hats  in order to create a successful venture.  It can be so frustrating at times figuring out what you need to make your business grow on a bootstrapped budget.  Is it a website? How about a Social Media Strategy? A new campaign? A video? Coaching? So what most of us do is a little bit of everything, all by ourselves. We seek out advice wherever we can, for these individual pieces.

Then we will wake up one day, and all those individual efforts just seem convoluted.

Ever look at all those ‘DIY’ programs  or ‘be a pro’ products you’ve purchased over the years, and wonder why you haven’t done anything with them, even though there’s tons of great info in them?

Perhaps, like most people, you’ve purchased those products for the ‘osmosis factor’. Meaning – the benefits sold to you were SO AMAZING, SO RESULTS DRIVEN, that you felt like you were missing out on something big for you and / or your business  if you didn’t make the purchase. There are lots of vendors / coaches / consultants / experts out there willing to take advantage of that fact – that people will buy for the osmosis factor –  and will happily take your money.

For all those products and programs to work, and all the newest, latest one’s out there to work,  there’s actually a lot of work you have to do. You were hooked on the silver bullets, but at the core is all this work still required by you. Even if someone provides you all the tips, tools, techniques, templates, videos, and books, you still must do all the work.  You must still implement.

When you first purchase a program – you’re so excited – you dig in, then hit a snag, and try to resolve or get familiar with something new, then hit another snag…. It can be like peeling back the layers of an endless onion. It can soon become overwhelming. Or, you start making the effort, get some momentum, but then life kicks in, and you get distracted.

At the core,  the very core,  there’s one common thread missing.  I see this across many of my clients, and through those that seek my advice.

‘It is this: Failure to Commit to being a Pro.’
 All of those programs, products, books, many of them actually very good, will not work if you don’t first to commit yourself to being a pro. Until you have the mindset of being a Pro – of actually looking at yourself as a business and all of your output as assets, and your time and money as very valuable and limited resources, all the work you do will be for naught.

If you don’t seriously consider yourself as a business, and drive from that mindset, where everything is for the greater good and to build the success of that business, you begin to jeopardize your success. As the Pro, you show up every day committed to building and growing that business, you look at problems as challenges not as excuses. When you don’t get into that mindset, you let other things steer you off course, distract you, and sabotage your forward momentum.

When you move into the mindset of a small business owner professional, you create strategies, you create plans, you have a purpose.  Everything you then do gets bounced off that purpose and those plans and strategies. You begin to make smart decisions and are less likely to jump into the next best thing.

When you look at what you do as a side project or as a hobby, your mind isn’t really in the game – you can ‘afford’ to lose it.  You don’t always play 100%. You have lots of balls in the air, lots of overwhelm, lots of interests. Limited focus.

There are tons of books and advice on having a business mindset, but in terms of what it truly means to be a pro vs an amateur, and the impact to what you do and don’t create and why, look no further than ‘the WAR of ART’ by Steven Pressfield. (aff). Get your mind in the game, and make some significant progress while minimizing what you spend.

But I challenge you…. Above all things, before you buy anything else, take some time to commit.

 Commit to yourself,

Commit to the reason why you are here,

Commit to building a business – 

(whether that’s as a Speaker, or a Career Professional exchanging personal services for monetary gain)…..

Commit to building something that leaves a legacy, leaves a legacy of you.    Step up for yourself.

Turn pro. Turn pro your way.

Make that commitment, make that big shift, then move forward building your mission and strategies! (then you can go and buy your anything ‘like a pro’ or other programs because NOW you ARE a Pro, and all your efforts will pay off, and you will get returns from those investments!). You can set expectations – and drive what you want from these programs and if you don’t get the results you want, can make the case for getting your money back. As a pro – you’re time and money are now very valuable and you don’t look at anything as ‘just an expense’ anymore.

Now you can write your stories, building an asset inventory, and begin marketing yourself or anything else as the Pro you now are – because you have put the right foundations in place and can make your messages consistent, definitive, appealing, and at the core – authentic. Make the shift.

What’s your next step in building your business?



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