Your Quest for Perfection is a Carcinogen

idea killer

Yep – that’s right, I said it – your quest for knowledge and perfection is carcinogenic for your ideas, your business launch, and your financial success. It’s your basic idea killer.


Do you sometimes find yourself saying any of the following?


  •      “When I learn this one thing…”
  •      “But I need to learn how to do this to”
  •      “Let me study how so & so does it”
  •      “Some others are now doing so why should I”
  •      “I need money first to do ‘x'”
  •      “I wish I had more time to devote to…”
  •      “I’m not good at words to describe..”
  •      “I don’t have the skills to execute that idea”

Or any number of other excuses that you allow into your idea or to prohibit you from bringing your idea from the ether to reality..

But here’s the thing – ideas are living ‘things’ and need the right nutrients to grow.  Very few people can perfect an idea in their head, and then bring it to life just as it was envisioned. And the kicker? Many talented artists were not at all happy with their final work of art as it came out… Those which then went on to become masterpieces.

So we’re does that leave us normal people with the plethora of ideas in our head (especially us creatives)? Ideas are like good looking men – a dime a dozen. But finding that perfect, well rounded, everything-packaged-right, and good for us perfect man – doesn’t exist.

What to do? How to do move forward with an idea, test it, and see if it merits our attention?

Simply by bringing it out to light and giving it some air. When mixed with other ideas, when viewed without the rise colored glasses, when combined with a little research (or prototyping) on how will this help / solve a problem / make a difference…. as well as seeing if people would be interested in this (these are for speaker topics, business ideas, etc) ….. Then you start to see how an idea takes shape. The ‘change the world’ power is not in the idea itself, which is but a spark, but the power comes when it is alive.

Ideas are rarely birthed in whole, complete form. Ask any artist, creative, or business person. They are kind of like a cacao pod…chocolate cacao pods that needs to be cracked open, cleared of some sludge, and roasted, cooked, melted, conched, tempered – before it even gets to anything useful, or tasteful.

When ideas stay in your head – there’s none of the chemical processes going on – it’s a pure little entity.

Ideas really are a dime a dozen – everyone thinks they have the best ‘one’, or the next greatest novel.  But fear (& resistance, per Steven Pressfield) are what keep you from doing anything with it —especially the hard work required to uncover the ‘nib’…. that thing which makes the chocolate.

Many of us are afraid of that hard work; afraid we don’t know what it takes next, that we don’t have the $, the time, the tools.  Many of us are willing to do the work, if we knew what work, the right work, the next steps necessary to do what’s needed.

Take a look at your ideas – is there one that has been passionately sticking with you all these years while others have faded away?

It’s time to bring it to life – time to give it air, and time to break the shell (spell? :-) ) and see what you can make of it.  Because it’s the process that makes the idea valuable – not the idea itself.

We here at the Bureau are the midwifery for ideas …. the beta blockers for excuses. While we are called the Emerging Speakers Bureau – we stand (and exist) for the Emerging Thinkers – we are a think tank of voices, messages, and meaning working through those ideas to turn them into diamonds…

…To stop ‘waiting’ for people to find us, listen to us, and pay us, but to take our ideas messages and meanings and uncover them, polish them, deliver them through the best venue (think chocolate bar, hot chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate soap (!)…..). We provide outlets here at the Bureau, ways to get feedback, find partners for ideas, to get the word out, to discover the best method for delivering the idea and to multi purpose that idea. We work against perfectionism, the nagging critic in your head, excuses, and help you get past yourself to bring your legacy out of your mind and onto a stage in front of a mic (live or digitial).

If you have ideas for messages, topics, meaning, lessons, a better way to milk a cow, how to turn phone calls into gold, how to bounce back from financial disaster, you name it (even if you are not sure of the name but know it’s there)….we are THE only place that will help you bring that idea out, fine tune it, make your message (idea) clear and memorable, help you deliver it, and partner you with the right people for more exposure. And finally, to  make your own money from that and not wait for others to find you and hire you.

What would all that be worth to you? Clearly not for free since positive growth is immeasurable and priceless. It all should be in a master card commercial frame because it is priceless getting out of your own way. Bringing your idea out, and making it better than it was or killing an idea to free up space and energy for a new idea will change your trajectory in life and put you back in control – isn’t that what you want? It’s what I want and why I invest my time and $ into the Bureau because I want to be surrounded with like minded people.

If you want to be a part of that kind of group too, think about the life you want and what you are willing to do for that, about the happiness it will bring, the things you will be able to attain, the meaning that you can bring to your life and others, think about it all. If you want to start creating that image for your life… Say ‘I’M in!’ And click the ‘I’m in‘ button below to become a charter member of the new Emerging Speakers Nextperts mastermind, where we build platforms and amplify voices.

You will become a part of an elite group of people who see their message as more than spoken word (which is what we emphasize and work on to get you onto a paying stage), and a network of potential partners and collaborators.

If this doesn’t sound like you, and you’re still not sure, you can visit a meeting or two (for a small fee), but after that, you have to commit to your future via an investment in yourself and your ideas. We aim to all be surrounded by like minded people – not lurkers, trolls, and wannabes ….

More on what I am bringing to this group and the benefits for joining can be found here.

I’m in! I’m ready to invest in myself and the Bureau!

If you need more information, have some questions, join us on the open ‘Ask the Founder’ Q & A call this Thurs. eve at 8. 


(photo courtesy of idea-emporium)

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