Power in Numbers – Do You Have What it Takes?

power in numbersOpen Challenge / Offer to Members of the Bureau (whether a Qualified Speaker or not)

Have you ever been part of a sports game (particularly Football, Soccer, Basketball)? How about a concert? Or a televised show? How about a prayer meeting, or any given Sunday mass at a Baptist church? How about a march for a cause?


There’s power in numbers.  And it’s not just the numbers. Talk to any scientist, engineer, religious or political leader, the energy given from any individual is magnified when in the presence of similar energy – it feeds off of each other to the point where you can feel the positive or negative energy or excitement.  Sometimes it’s so strong that at times it’s hard to contain, and borders or moves into real bad (think ‘riots’).

Many religions recognize the power of numbers in positive prayer.  Now, it is not my intent to get spiritual with you in any way.

I want to create that energy – that power with and within  the Bureau, and I need your help.  Think about it – we are ALL wanting to head in the same direction and we all go about it in ways that our current life and old behavior patterns will allow us. Many of us reinvent the same wheels.  Time to create some efficiency!

On our Facebook group, I recently asked what our member challenges or goals are.  I also asked that at our December meetings and on a call.  And as usual, it’s always the same people responding (THANK YOU SAME PEOPLE! :-) )

To that end,  here is my invitation to all with the gumption and determination to step up to the challenge.

Roughly 3-4 years ago, I had made a goal to myself to help 50 people reach their goals.  Of all my resolutions and goals, that one had the most permeating impact. And in terms of return on investment, that one was worth every minute if time.  Instead of reaping a return for myself, it spread to untold countless people I have never met.

I am here to do that again – for everyone at the Bureau willing to state their challenge or goal on the Facebook group (please note that this is a closed group specifically for this purpose of achieving a trusting mastermind group) or down in the comment section below.

If you are serious about overcoming your challenge (like overcoming overwhelm, defining a clear vision, etc) or achieving your goal (like getting a paid gig or selling a service, etc.), and are willing to put in some effort (because, unfortunately, I cannot do it all for you) – then I want to do what I can to help you achieve that by 6/1.

If you know of anyone who may benefit from this, please invite them to become members of the Bureau. For those of you who are the ‘the SAME PEOPLE’, and you know who you are, I will add you to the list and send you details. For the rest, I will ‘interview’ you to ensure your intent, ability to do some work and your commitment to your goal.  This is for people truly serious about making headway on their goal or challenge, once and for all. There is a limit of 25-30 people, but frankly, the number will be much lower.  Look how long it’s taken some people to step up to the stage and Qualify.  This offer is only for people who have had enough of status quo, want some serious change, and really ready to put their head and heart into the game. There is no upfront charge for this. I may request testimonials, referrals, or request a portion of your fee or sales if you’ve found any of this challenge to be worthwhile, but you and I will discuss.

This is a group of action takers, and committed to growth individuals.  I will get you on the books to get at least 1 paid speaking opportunity but the deadline, will help you define your plan of attack, will help you put things in place that you need to get in place, and will help you chunk something down.

I so believe in the power of this Bureau, and what it can do for the right people, that I am offering this to those select few willing to step up and show people what happens when you put your mind to something AND you surround yourself with the right people.

You don’t need to live locally to benefit from this.  There will be in person sessions (CA, NJ, PA and anywhere else there will be a group of at least 8 people), webinar and teleseminar sessions, google hangouts etc.  More on the specifics later.

Ok – so who’s coming with me??  Jan? Thank you Jan.”  (half baked movie line)

I wasn’t kidding about having a kick ass end of year party for all the people who stepped up and delivered this year. We all want more and better – and the sad fact of the matter is – we CANNOT do it alone. I’ve spent the better part of the last 2 years learning that the hard way.

Remember – declare your challenge or goal below or on the Facebook group, and I will be in touch with you directly.

So, what are you looking to achieve? Join a mastermind like no other.


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