How to make a SHIFT

make a shiftWant to make a shift? The 1 question you need to ask yourself that no one tells you!

There’s been a recurring theme lately, where people (my friends, clients, & some of those I know), seem to be stuck beyond their ‘perceived’ capacity to handle a situation. They go on and on about the options and complications, never able to get to a solution.

Has that happened to you?

It got me to thinking – things shouldn’t be this hard.  Too many people make it past roadblocks to success, and many of those are seemingly less competent.

I truly believe the answer is within you, but sometimes, even with talking, the resolution seems just out of hand.  You’ve given yourself too many options, and over-thought the issue, completely overloading your circuits, as well as your ability to think clearly.

Add to that, everyone’s desire to ‘wish’ it away through mantra’s, ‘the secret’, affirmations, vision boards, and then only to watch all that slip through their fingers, becoming much more difficult to attain.

My thing is, you’re still disconnected, not aligned, because you’re stuck in the overwhelm where belief systems hold you back. You know what you want (many times you don’t), but can’t seem to achieve it.


Now, you may say that you do because you created all those affirmations, credos, manifestos, mantras, but here is the answer no one tells you:  the life you are leading today, will NOT get that vision you want. Plain and simple. All the wishing and dreaming in the world won’t change that.

The Real Answer

All the emotion behind that wishing and dreaming may help a little, but it you want a real shift, if you want real change…. Ask yourself this ‘simple’ question: “What does ‘that’ look like to you?”, where ‘that’ equals anything that it is you want. 


Issue:  I want a better relationship.

Answer: What does a better relationship look like to you? (Spell it all out, what is it you seek? What behaviors do you want from the other person? How differently should you act to elicit the change you want?)

Issue: I need more business, more money. (and you’ve named your amount, or not.)

Answer: What does having more money look like to you? How would you be acting, behaving if you had that money? (There’s a reason most lottery winners are broke in a few years – they haven’t changed their mindset!) “What got you here, won’t get you there.” There’s some behaviors that have to change.

You see – it’s all about creating a shift in beliefs, but more so in behaviors.  Sometimes beliefs can change the behavior, but more so importantly, enough consistent change in behavior will drive a change in belief, because you are physically changing the results and giving your mind proof that the belief must change.

As Rae-Ann said in her 2 Minutes to success webinar: our body language does influence our mind.  We can act our way into success.  (Make sure to at least start there, watching that webinar, and using that 2 minutes to success each day to help move you forward.)

 “If you act powerfully, you will begin to think powerfully.” — David Brooks

 So I challenge all of you….. what does your speaking success look like to you? What does your business success look like to you?  What change do you need to bring to the table first; what actions do you need to do, to help the universe support you in your dreams?

Let me know your plans below, and let’s help each other acquire what we deserve!




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