How to Boost Your Message Exponentially – Use Campaigns

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Making the Most of Your Message:

Is It Like Squeezing Blood from a Stone?  Or Just Being Smart, Effective, and Strategic?

Are you like me at all?  Spending some evenings, or Saturday afternoons wondering how to get:

  1. your message to be heard by the most people at the right time?
  2. a lot more traffic to your website?
  3. more people on your list?
  4. a lot more exposure?
  5. more engagement with your social media posts?
  6. just found?
  7. more people to sign up to buy your product, services, ebooks?

Well, I have one solution for you right here, with 7 steps to help you achieve it.

It all starts with creating a specific campaign.  A Campaign? I saw that eye roll over there. :-)

Can’t I just ask people to buy my stuff or join my list? Or just put out some posts?

Well, to be completely honest, not if you want to get the most exposure for and return from, your message. Whatever that may be.

A campaign is simply a series of integrated, coordinated and planned steps, that promote or drive one concept through a series of mediums or platforms. The keys here are planning and one concept or goal (like getting people to like your page, or join your email list, or buy from you during the holidays).

Some sample/example campaigns include:
  • A vote for me campaign
  • Get people on my list campaign
  • Get people to buy one of my products / services campaign
  • A ‘get you to know who I am’ campaign
  • Get excited about this new movie campaign
  • Check out this new album, book, etc campaign
  • Check out my free educational videos campaign, etc.

Every piece of advertising you see; every new product, movie, service, .com, etc; every election period; every new show season; every holiday …. are all parts of campaigns with the only goal of getting ‘you’, yes ‘you’ to act on something.  It’s not just a commercial, or advertisement, or article, or interview, or webinar, or sponsored post, or email….. but an integrated, coordinated series of all of those, designed to seed your mind into awareness, and eventually action. It’s a well thought out planned ‘attack’.

There – that was your 5 minute marketing lesson for the day :-)

But as an emerging speaker, why should you care about what a campaign is and more importantly, why should you even consider using them? Because if there’s a way to ‘easily’ get you more exposure, more followers, more credibility, etc. then it’s something you should be interested in doing.  Because, after all, as an emerging speaker who is serious about your business, you are all about building your opportunities that lead you to get paid for your speaking in one form or another.  Because…. if you’re like me, you want to start making money from what you love to do (and are tired of waiting for everyone else to find you, to hire you).

So…..don’t just send out a newsletter or email, don’t just put up a post, don’t just put up a pic, create a video, do a blog post, etc. Make them all have a more powerful,  exponential purpose by making them all part of a bigger plan. One of each at random times will ultimately not do much in getting you the recognition, engagement, and opportunity you deserve. BUT,  executing them as a part of an overall sequencing strategy will help you gain more of a foothold in your target audience’s mind.

Who doesn’t want to do that!?! While not wasting time in the process?

A Campaign is simply made of the following steps (more or less depending on what you are trying to achieve):
  1. Develop a goal (what do you want to achieve? get more followers? get more on your email list? sell a service or product? get known? get specific in this step.).
  2. Develop a plan (who do you want to reach, what mediums to use, pay for posts?, what needs to be put in place, what dates do you want to hit) and budget (for things like facebook promoted posts or ads, PPC, email service provider, etc.  Can be 0 to unlimited.). This will also include any special tools to setup to make the process much easier on you, and not be too much of a time suck. (next post will list some good tools for you to have in place).
  3. Come up with a content list and then a schedule (what are all the ways i can gain people’s attention, and incent them to act).
  4. Create various versions of your content (this is re-purposing at its finest.  this is actually the fun and creative part.  can i make a pic with one of my quotes? can i make a series of videos or posts? what style (casual, professional, irreverent?).
  5. Id which platforms to focus on and use.
  6. Incorporate keywords and phrases throughout posts, videos. alt txt (identified in the planning stage).
  7. Execute, Engage, and Evaluate.

The above may look and sound hard or lengthy, especially when many of us are looking for a get rich quick plan, but taking the time up front to even simply ask yourself: ‘what do I want from this newsletter, email, post, video, image?’ and then re-looking at that content to see if it will support and drive what you want, will yield way more results than the spray and pray method.  (trust me, I’ve tried them all!)

So the next time you are really looking to boost your message, and increase your opportunities from that message,  consider creating a campaign for yourself, and then follow the steps above.

A campaign may mean the difference between ‘whomp. whomp.’ total dud OR ‘hey! 0-150! look at how many people signed up for my list!’ success. The choice is yours.

Let me know how it works for you below OR ask me some questions below.Looking forward to seeing one of your campaigns cross one of my streams. :-)

(And if you need some help with your campaigns, setting up a campaign, or analyzing the results of a campaign, I am available for hourly consultations and support.)

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