Fan the Fires by Favoring Fan Pages

fanThis post is simply to support all the growing Marketing and Branding efforts of our Speakers, please check out their Facebook fan pages, Twitter streams, and like, follow, comment.  Let’s help each other by supporting each other’s endeavors! You never know what you might learn, and never know who you might connect or engage with through their pages.

This page will grow as I add additional Emerging Speakers, as well as other channels such as YouTube, Pinterest, etc.


Cynthia A. Brown, Qualified Speaker, Coach/Consultant/Trainer (Social Media, Communications):

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Matt Goldberg, Qualified Speaker, Author (Sports, Wordplay, Humor):

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Rae-Ann Ruszkowski, Qualified Speaker, Chair of the Bureau (Branding, Marketing, Career, Strategy)

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I hope you like, enjoy, checkout our Speaker Fan pages and platforms.


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