Digital Speaking to Build Income and Exposure

online speaking digital marketingThere are many aspiring speakers out there, and some who just want to improve their skills for the workplace.  But here at the Emerging Speakers Bureau, because we are focusing on  the next generation of Emerging Speakers, we aim to build platforms and amplify voices…not just on a live stage, but on the digital divide as well.

One can aspire to speak live at a conference, as a keynote, but there are many steps that need to be accomplished before that can happen.

Don’t get me wrong – live speaking is great, but it’s just not scalable.  There’s lots of work that must be done on your part for that to be your end goal.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve got bills to pay, a grandson to fund, and I gotta eat. And let’s face it, not that it’s laziness, but I like things to do double duty.

I think too many people were sold on the dream of becoming rich merely through speaking, and a lot of people have something to say. That makes for a huge competitive pool.  So what do many event & meeting planners do?


  • ask for referrals,
  • dig through their network,
  • and …. wait for it….. simply google a topic.

Obviously there are many other ways that planners get to speakers such as contacting a speakers bureau, but who wants to pay extra fees?

Guess what?

If you are an Emerging Speaker, the more you get yourself online, and focus on that for the time being, you will:

  • build your exposure
  • build your list
  • build your brand
  • hone your message
  • increase your search results
  • build your network
  • and get paid faster.

So which would you rather do?  Focus on getting live, paid events (and the contests, and all the crazy certifications to ‘prove’ your credibility as a speaker, such as: DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster), AS (Accredited Speaker), CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) while getting poorer in the process OR…….

Focus on getting your message and content online in the form of:

  • webinars,
  • classes
  • summits
  • interviews
  • posts
  • pins
  • videos

which you can curate into presentations, ebooks, white papers, posts, series, incentives, promotional products, all while building your lists, increasing your exposure, honing your message, building relationships and making some money while you’re at it.

Sounds like a no brainer to me.  Digital Marketing is a hot topic these days, created through a specific online strategy and a variety of tools – as speakers, you have content. Why not use ‘digital marketing’ to get yourself found by the audience(s) you want, and by the planners who will want you speaking at their events because of your digital and social currency.

This is my belief, and I am starting a #domorespeaking movement, and encouraging all Emerging Speakers to join me in a digital speaking challenge to show that the playing fields have been leveled, and ‘speakers’ who take their content and ideas and treat them as currency and assets by putting them online will be more successful than the traditional path of focusing on speaking as an end goal, and spending money on certifications and contests.

“So who’s coming with me?”

“Jan? Thank you Jan!”  :-)

Find out more about the challenge here on our lastest webinar.

Add your comments and questions below.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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