Dec: Speakers on the Move

Continuing with our new monthly tradition, Speakers on the Move, this month we have several of our Qualified Speakers ‘representin’ again y’all’! :-) If you want to be on this list with your your event or speaking opportunity, please let me (Rae-Ann) know!


1. Matt Goldberg is continuing with the seasonal ‘snowball’ theme, by being out and about with the following:

On November 17, Matt was one of three local authors featured at the Katz JCC’s Local Gems Brunch, as part of their week-long Arts, Books and Culture Festival. Interviewed by SJ Magazine’s Marianne Aleardi, Matt spoke in front of 200-plus attendees, followed by a  question-and-answer session.

He was also featured in the December issue of SJ Magazine.  A link to the TV-style one-on-one interview video can be found here:   The online version of the magazine piece can be found here:


2. Dan Dougherty was interviewed on the Trend on Radio show.  You can catch his segment here:


3.  Rae-Ann will again be teaching social media skills to local small businesses at ExtraordinaryED’s Small Business Institute in Collingswood.  Check out the details here, on the Time to $$ class information page.  Rae-Ann will be helping small businesses think and work smarter by not blasting the same info across all media platforms, but taking one post and identifying the small tweaks to make the content work better on other platforms.

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