Create a Path, Find a Path, Just DO!

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Find a path / Create a path / Follow a path.  Because as we all know, when you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. Here at the Bureau, we are all here to make progress forward in developing our platform, honing our message, perfecting our craft.

Critical to your path, it helps to make sure that path is a part of your M.A.P.  Your Massive Action Plan.

We all join Toastmasters for different reasons, at different stages of our lives, with different goals.

The real value of Toastmasters is all the opportunity available to you, no matter what path you want to take. and no matter what M.A.P. you choose to create.  This Speakers Bureau is one of those opportunity tools.

During a brief presentation on 7/20/13 I gave about the Speakers Bureau, I mentioned that the DTM, the Distinguished ToastMaster designation was not for me, possibly giving others the impression that I did not support that very valuable designation.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  The same goes for the ASAccredited Speaker designation. Both require commitment and hard work, and are commendable options.

There are different paths for different people, and I respect and fully support whatever path people elect to follow.  But many times, we’ve wandered off on so many detours, we’re a little lost and not sure of the best way to get back to where we want to go.

That’s why I founded the Speakers Bureau here in District 38; to help people create a MAP and define some paths.

My key point, just as Sheryl Roush presented in her unique Roadmap to Toastmaster Success at the District’s Spring Conference this year, there are many paths available to help you reach your goals.

The power of goal setting has been studied and presented by so many people from Zig Ziglar to Tony Robbins.  It is one of the key, consistent behaviors of rich people.  You want to reach financial success in 30 days?  You must have goals, and take action on them everyday – a forward path, which are all part of your bigger M.A.P – Massive Action Plan.  But no matter what path you choose from your M.A.P. to reach your goals, you cannot go it alone.  Believe me, I tried.

You’ve heard of the saying, “it takes a tribe”. well, in Speakers Bureau – this is very true. You rise to the level of people you surround yourself with everyday.  Surround yourself with people who inspire you, challenge you, support you, and make you look at things from another angle.  Leads, suggestions, partnerships, ideas, all come from the relationships you build; from the people you associate with regularly.

On a Professional, Paid Speaker path, You do have options – like pursuing a DTM (more information here. on a Distinguished Toastmaster Informational call), or the AS (Accredited Speaker program), or trying a very individual path. No matter which you choose, surround yourself with like minded people like people here at the Bureau. We are no ordinary speakers. we are those focused on personal and professional growth. learning how to best deliver a message, while serving our audience & supporting each other.

The paths to success are as many and varied as there are different personalities.  But there is one common thread – ACTION!

Leave a comment below and let us know your best tips for taking action everyday, or what your plans / paths are for becoming a paid & or professional speaker.

To your speaking success,


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