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Breaking Bad / Letting Go 2 Grow

Breaking Bad / Letting Go / 2Grow Ruts. Routine. Comfort zones. What ever you want to call it, it’s the process we put ourselves into so we don’t have to think. Our caveman brains like that so we can keep an eye out for imminent danger My daughter couldn’t wait to get back to work […]

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don't let people hijack your message

Don’t Let Anyone Hijack Your Message

I was listening to a fascinating interview between Terry Gross of NPR’s FreshAir, and Trevor Noah, the new man at the helm of the Daily Show.  Trevor has an interesting background, and is very wise, very funny, and he easily stepped in to lead the Daily show when John Stewart stepped aside.  While the majority […]

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Startup Story and Pitch

7 Key Elements to Take an Average Pitch to Stellar by Using Stories

Within our Emerging Speakers community we discuss the power and structure of stories in presentations quite often.  Many speaker presentations are powerful on their own without stories, but for Businesses and Startups pitching for support (monetarily or otherwise), stories are a critical, strategic component which lead to greater results.  Creating an audience connection on an […]

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Improv Lesson in Leadership

Improv – A Lesson in Leadership

During a recent outing of the Emerging Speakers Bureau group to an Intro to Improv Workshop facilitated by the Philly Improv Theatre, I experience a completely unexpected benefit. Our Bureau chair, Rae-Ann Ruszkowski suggested this outing as a way to garner stage time and stretch our communication / performance muscles. Our teacher, Caitlin Weigel, guided […]

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Improving Through Improv

Improve Speaking Skills Through Improv

Improving through Improv: Last Saturday afternoon, I found myself in a glorified dungeon, initiating and impersonating silly greetings, walks and dance moves before screaming at, or trying to reason with, incompetent dentists, poorly performing football players and lousy waitresses. Oh, I also think that I may have co-planned a surprise party where we invited lots […]

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Don't Dumb it down

Don’t Dumb It Down

(reprinted from my website: I was drawn into an interesting discussion a couple days ago – one that concerns me as both a writer and a speaker. Indeed, it also interests me as a reader and as one who enjoys listening to speeches. Let me clarify: I enjoy reading quality writing and experiencing compelling presentations. The […]

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Microphonology? Make the most of your voice!

Veteran sound engineer and event producer, Brian Young, spoke at our November 13 NJ Speakers Bureau meeting.  His lecture, “Sonic Survival for Speakers,” contained a wealth of information about the proactive steps public speakers can take to improve the sound quality of their presentations and reduce the potential for problems with microphones and amplification.   […]

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Powerful Evaluations

Powerful Evaluations Wanted

Team Post by:  Donna Fountain The success of the Bureau and its members, depends on the strength of one of  its greatest assets: peer evaluations.  Powerful evaluations are rooted in emotional intelligence, in both the evaluator and evaluatee. Giving and receiving (and more importantly, applying) honest feedback requires maturity. Why? Because what you see depends […]

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Dynamic Public Speaking

The Four Hs of Dynamic Public Speaking

THE FOUR Hs of DYNAMIC PUBLIC SPEAKING   Team Post by:   Matt Goldberg, What is the mindset of a successful, dynamic public speaker? For me, it all starts with the Four Hs. Huh?  No, that’s not one of them. And the Four Hs are not (while admirably used for about 100 years by a […]

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