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Overcome Uncomfortable to Get Success (10 things to do)

  Recently, Hubspot posted an article on the 12  Uncomfortable Things that Will Make you More Successful. Let me ask you something…if you could join and be a part of 1 group this year that will help you cross off 10 things on that list all at once, and create success for yourself this year […]

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build your bridge crush resistance

Crushing Resistance

The Emerging Speakers Bureau Quote:  — Steven Pressfield That Resistance… affects every artist, in whatever form, from Speaker to Designer to Musician to Blogger….even me. Especially me. I am quite sure it affects you.  It’s this Resistance, which was the impetus for me starting this Bureau. To crush those things that hold us back, and […]

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make a shift

How to make a SHIFT

Want to make a shift? The 1 question you need to ask yourself that no one tells you! There’s been a recurring theme lately, where people (my friends, clients, & some of those I know), seem to be stuck beyond their ‘perceived’ capacity to handle a situation. They go on and on about the options […]

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Ken Krawchuk on the radio

Start with a Single Step

This is a guest post from Ken Krawchuk, about his interview on Sanity Check Radio Show: Two and a half millennia ago, the Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu noted, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Last Saturday, my journey to become a Toastmaster Accredited Speaker took its first step when I was […]

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secrets to success

Secrets to Success Are Everywhere

This is a guest post, borrowed with permission from the OC Speakers Bureau in CA, which was originally provided to Victor Broski via recommendations of Facebook friends.  The originator credit follows this post. Secrets to success are everywhere, along with a great many motivational quotes. There are many great points here which are applicable to all […]

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