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the secret to business success

How to Boost Your Message Exponentially – Use Campaigns

Making the Most of Your Message: Is It Like Squeezing Blood from a Stone?  Or Just Being Smart, Effective, and Strategic? Are you like me at all?  Spending some evenings, or Saturday afternoons wondering how to get: your message to be heard by the most people at the right time? a lot more traffic to your […]

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top 10 tips to build speaker success

10 Tips to Build Your Speaking Success in 2014

From my marketing and analytics experience, historical data tells me that only 23% of you scanned my post (or email), and 25% of that 23% actually did something, such as clicked like or opened a document, or clicked a link.  That’s basically 5% of my total list, who will ‘do’ something (aka conversion).  All of […]

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Fan the Fires by Favoring Fan Pages

This post is simply to support all the growing Marketing and Branding efforts of our Speakers, please check out their Facebook fan pages, Twitter streams, and like, follow, comment.  Let’s help each other by supporting each other’s endeavors! You never know what you might learn, and never know who you might connect or engage with […]

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Be Proactive

Be Proactive; Not Reactive. Change Your Life.

Wouldn’t you rather be ahead of the game, instead of trying to catch-up? Sure, there are times when emergencies and the sneak attacks of life happen, but most times, there are ways to be prepared, to be progressing forward. Being prepared for your speaking success, having someone call you to book a gig, rather than […]

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