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should i make my slides available

Should I Make My Slides Available?

Over the years, I’ve gotten a version of this question multiple times: How do you feel about making slides available to participants? Should I make my slides available to the audience? Advantages? How does availability affect what you put on slides? The ‘experts’ are on both sides of the fence with this question also. There […]

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networking for speakers

The Insider Secret to More Speaking Engagements

(and this is from the Planners themselves!) Want to speak at more events and get more speaking engagements going forward? Forget about pitching, cold calling, sending out proposals – and forget about being paid (for right now)……… aim to get known first. Old school thinking was: ‘if I do a ‘million’ free speeches, those planners […]

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#DoMoreSpeaking How Planners Hire

#DoMoreSpeaking – How Planners Hire (infographic)

Of the top goals for our Speakers this year, getting paid to speak / making more money from speaking was #1. While we will be doing things throughout this year to help you achieve those goals, I thought you could use a #DoMoreSpeaking infographic on where planners get Speaker ideas, and info on who to hire, […]

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the secret to business success

How to Boost Your Message Exponentially – Use Campaigns

Making the Most of Your Message: Is It Like Squeezing Blood from a Stone?  Or Just Being Smart, Effective, and Strategic? Are you like me at all?  Spending some evenings, or Saturday afternoons wondering how to get: your message to be heard by the most people at the right time? a lot more traffic to your […]

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online speaking digital marketing

Digital Speaking to Build Income and Exposure

There are many aspiring speakers out there, and some who just want to improve their skills for the workplace.  But here at the Emerging Speakers Bureau, because we are focusing on  the next generation of Emerging Speakers, we aim to build platforms and amplify voices…not just on a live stage, but on the digital divide […]

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power in numbers

Power in Numbers – Do You Have What it Takes?

Open Challenge / Offer to Members of the Bureau (whether a Qualified Speaker or not) Have you ever been part of a sports game (particularly Football, Soccer, Basketball)? How about a concert? Or a televised show? How about a prayer meeting, or any given Sunday mass at a Baptist church? How about a march for […]

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real secret to marketing like a pro

The Real Secret to Marketing Like a Pro

Sure, you can learn to: — market like a pro, — build a business like a pro, — do your social media like a pro, — write like a pro, — launch a book like a pro, — anything like a pro. But there’s only ONE secret to actually accomplishing any of those, AND more […]

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delivering value by delivering outcomes

Delivering Value to Planners

At our November PA Meeting, we had a very special guest, a  Department of History & Politics Administrator from a major Philadelphia University. I asked her to join us, and provide a little insight on what it’s like from the planner side, working with speakers, because she had been telling me about a recent ‘high maintenance’ speaker […]

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