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Trump Win, new style of speaking

What Can Emerging Speakers Learn From Trump

So what can emerging speakers learn from Trump, I mean really learn? First: break all the rules. Second, and a close second, is the below. I’ve been advising my emerging speakers for quite some time now that the world of speaking has been undergoing a major shift: that the ‘talking head’ style of well-choreographed, well-timed, perfectly-spoken […]

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getting hired

Not Getting Hired? Create Your Own Stage!

(FYI:  This post is specifically for speakers, as well as the unemployed.) If no one’s hiring you, the good news is, fixing it is completely under your control.  The bad news is, it will take some elbow grease, and a long, hard look in the mirror. If no one’s hiring you, or even giving you […]

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get on target for more money

2013 Year in Review – Brand Awareness Baseline

2013 Year in Review / 2014 Year Ahead: Building Your Brand Health It’s December! Already! Do you know what that means??? It’s time for my annual “Year in Review” process.   In Chris Guillebeau’s book, “The Art of Non Conformity”, Chris recommends everyone perform their own annual review.  He even posted a review template for everyone […]

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build your personal brand

Stand Out or Step Out of the Way – Revisited

From the WAYBACK files, this was one of my first presentations to the OC Speakers Bureau in CA. It was the launch of their first e-newsletter, and website too.  I stand by the original message, and I’m surprised how many Emerging Speakers and folks serious maintaining their positions and main income source, haven’t stepped up […]

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polish your image

Polish Your Image: The real truth.

Do you think you strategically about your image, or how it supports or detracts from your success? I challenge you to start thinking about your image, and start making it work for you! Truth is – people will make immediate judgments on your skill, your education, your status, your credibility based on what you wear […]

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