Bryan Bradshaw

Bryan BradshawBryan Bradshaw

An energetic, uplifting, and ‘tell it like it is’ speaker perfect for youth audiences! He’s an entrepreneur, author, fitness enthusiast, and world traveler. He is relatable, engaging, down to earth, thoughtful and impactful.

He is the author of “Accomplish Anything: Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be And Live The Life Of Your Dreams” and the founder of The Accomplished Life Coaching Program.

Bryan talks directly to teens about topics that are essential to success and often difficult to talk about.  He talks about all these things in an entertaining and dynamic way that grabs their attention immediately and leaves his audiences with so much to think about as they move into their future.  Throughout his presentation, Bryan gains the trust and respect of the students with his humor, energy and personal stories of bullying, depression and suicide.

He’s dedicated to focusing on helping himself and others live a life of balance, vibrancy and fulfillment.  He believes there are 3 master areas for an extraordinary life, HEALTH, WEALTH & RELATIONSHIPS, and each area requires constant growth, focus, and commitment. His presentations focus on those master areas and inspiring teens to make better choices, dream bigger and aspire for greatness.

Speaking Programs:

“The 3 R’s to Greatness”

Bryan takes teens on an emotion roller coaster of laughter and tears, ultimately leaving the energized and motivated as they self-reflect on their own lives. It is NOT a lecture but a practical message with humor and heart. Bryan gets personal about his own life: his challenges, his depression as a young teen and ultimately how he overcame his challenges and obstacles to make him the man he is today. Bryan stays after the program ends to speak with students, sign autographs and just listen.

Topics covered:

  • Making smart decisions
  • Overcoming adversity
  • How to get and stay motivated

See him in action: here.


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