the secret to business success

How to Boost Your Message Exponentially – Use Campaigns

Making the Most of Your Message: Is It Like Squeezing Blood from a Stone?  Or Just Being Smart, Effective, and Strategic? Are you like me at all?  Spending some evenings, or Saturday afternoons wondering how to get: your message to be heard by the most people at the right time? a lot more traffic to your […]

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chocolate cacao pods

Your Quest for Perfection is a Carcinogen

Yep – that’s right, I said it – your quest for knowledge and perfection is carcinogenic for your ideas, your business launch, and your financial success. It’s your basic idea killer.   Do you sometimes find yourself saying any of the following?        “When I learn this one thing…”      “But I need to […]

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online speaking digital marketing

Digital Speaking to Build Income and Exposure

There are many aspiring speakers out there, and some who just want to improve their skills for the workplace.  But here at the Emerging Speakers Bureau, because we are focusing on  the next generation of Emerging Speakers, we aim to build platforms and amplify voices…not just on a live stage, but on the digital divide […]

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Video Options

Video Platforms & Options for Speakers

Videos and images are the engagement tools of the moment, so for speakers looking to create a little brand awareness, list building, and exposure, consider using some of the quick video tools listed below. We’ve be ‘trained’ as aspiring speakers however, that videos need to be professional, meaty, and long…but the world has changed at […]

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speaking gears

Announcing Emerging Speakers Month!

–> Finding it hard to be HEARD above the CROWD? –> How about to be found? –> Struggling to fill events? –> Looking to build a business? –> Limited in time, energy, and money?     The Bureau will be hosting 31 days of recorded sessions to help speakers at any level develop and grow […]

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power of analytics

What You Lose by Speaking on a Stage

The other night, this tweet was in my stream: @CQDev: How #iBeacons and other sensor technology lead the way for dynamic in-store shopping experiences: Being a web analytics expert & consumer behavior researcher/analyst (in a former life), AND proudly having a failed fashion tech startup in my portfolio of projects, this tweet called out to […]

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getting hired

Not Getting Hired? Create Your Own Stage!

(FYI:  This post is specifically for speakers, as well as the unemployed.) If no one’s hiring you, the good news is, fixing it is completely under your control.  The bad news is, it will take some elbow grease, and a long, hard look in the mirror. If no one’s hiring you, or even giving you […]

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power in numbers

Power in Numbers – Do You Have What it Takes?

Open Challenge / Offer to Members of the Bureau (whether a Qualified Speaker or not) Have you ever been part of a sports game (particularly Football, Soccer, Basketball)? How about a concert? Or a televised show? How about a prayer meeting, or any given Sunday mass at a Baptist church? How about a march for […]

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Improv Lesson in Leadership

Improv – A Lesson in Leadership

During a recent outing of the Emerging Speakers Bureau group to an Intro to Improv Workshop facilitated by the Philly Improv Theatre, I experience a completely unexpected benefit. Our Bureau chair, Rae-Ann Ruszkowski suggested this outing as a way to garner stage time and stretch our communication / performance muscles. Our teacher, Caitlin Weigel, guided […]

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how to build a speaking business

How to Build Your Speaking Business by Outsourcing Tasks

As Emerging Speakers, we are working to build a business, in one form or another. Some of us want to become Professional Speakers, some of us want to build our existing business getting leads through speaking, and some of us are working to improve our professional careers. No matter where you are on the Emerging […]

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