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A 20+ year mastermind of people and management, Donna knows how to motivate people. With a laid back, casual style – she tells you straight on what's facing you and what you need to do. Whether its life, your career, your relationship - sometimes you need to hear the truth from an unbiased party – delivered with humor, respect, and…Chocolate! What could be better? Coach Donna will get you through your most pressing issues. Schedule her for Speaking or Coaching today, & don’t forget to order your chocolate prescription from her!

Recent blog posts written by Donna Fountain

make a shift

How to make a SHIFT

Want to make a shift? The 1 question you need to ask yourself that no one tells you! There’s been a recurring theme lately, where people (my friends, clients, & some of those I know), seem to be stuck beyond their ‘perceived’ capacity to handle a situation. They go on and on about the options […]

Powerful Evaluations

Powerful Evaluations Wanted

Team Post by:  Donna Fountain The success of the Bureau and its members, depends on the strength of one of  its greatest assets: peer evaluations.  Powerful evaluations are rooted in emotional intelligence, in both the evaluator and evaluatee. Giving and receiving (and more importantly, applying) honest feedback requires maturity. Why? Because what you see depends […]