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The Ultimate Wingman - Taking you and your product from Marketplace to Web Site to Wallet. Integrated Marketing Strategies from marketing material and coordinated web design, to Crowdfunding, to copy & content development, to SEO, and social media coordination. to Landing Page and Funnel design to Branding. A a 30 year Fortune 500 veteran of Marketing, Communications and E-Commerce Global website projects. Studying the nuances of successful people, brands, and people-brands within the realm of Social Media and Usability over the last 11 years and combining with all her corporate skills, she heads her own Company & speaks on the value of Personal Branding. Coach | Consultant | Trainer | Speaker. Contact her at: RA@RAEvolutionaryConcepts.com : @RARuszkowski : linkd.in/Rae-Ann : bit.ly/raevolutionizeit

Recent blog posts written by Rae-Ann Ruszkowski

Breaking Bad / Letting Go 2 Grow

Breaking Bad / Letting Go / 2Grow Ruts. Routine. Comfort zones. What ever you want to call it, it’s the process we put ourselves into so we don’t have to think. Our caveman brains like that so we can keep an eye out for imminent danger My daughter couldn’t wait to get back to work […]

Overcome Uncomfortable to Get Success (10 things to do)

  Recently, Hubspot posted an article on the 12  Uncomfortable Things that Will Make you More Successful. Let me ask you something…if you could join and be a part of 1 group this year that will help you cross off 10 things on that list all at once, and create success for yourself this year […]

whatever it takes david bowie mug

To Power Pose or Not to Power Pose

The results have been out for some time which ‘debunk’ Amy Cuddy’s famous TED talk and the effects of the power pose: assuming dominant positions to increase confidence, etc. I have been a proponent of assuming a confident position long before Cuddy’s talk went viral, for several reasons, and not so much from the point of view […]

Trump Win, new style of speaking

What Can Emerging Speakers Learn From Trump

So what can emerging speakers learn from Trump, I mean really learn? First: break all the rules. Second, and a close second, is the below. I’ve been advising my emerging speakers for quite some time now that the world of speaking has been undergoing a major shift: that the ‘talking head’ style of well-choreographed, well-timed, perfectly-spoken […]

what do you want to happen as a result

What Do You Want to Happen?

It’s a common rookie mistake. You’ve written a great speech or presentation, and expect it to fly. But not enough thought is given to “what do you want to happen as a result” of that speech? Many people say: I want them to buy my ‘insert name of book, consulting, service, product here,’ or I want […]

should i make my slides available

Should I Make My Slides Available?

Over the years, I’ve gotten a version of this question multiple times: How do you feel about making slides available to participants? Should I make my slides available to the audience? Advantages? How does availability affect what you put on slides? The ‘experts’ are on both sides of the fence with this question also. There […]

don't let people hijack your message

Don’t Let Anyone Hijack Your Message

I was listening to a fascinating interview between Terry Gross of NPR’s FreshAir, and Trevor Noah, the new man at the helm of the Daily Show.  Trevor has an interesting background, and is very wise, very funny, and he easily stepped in to lead the Daily show when John Stewart stepped aside.  While the majority […]

networking for speakers

The Insider Secret to More Speaking Engagements

(and this is from the Planners themselves!) Want to speak at more events and get more speaking engagements going forward? Forget about pitching, cold calling, sending out proposals – and forget about being paid (for right now)……… aim to get known first. Old school thinking was: ‘if I do a ‘million’ free speeches, those planners […]

#DoMoreSpeaking How Planners Hire

#DoMoreSpeaking – How Planners Hire (infographic)

Of the top goals for our Speakers this year, getting paid to speak / making more money from speaking was #1. While we will be doing things throughout this year to help you achieve those goals, I thought you could use a #DoMoreSpeaking infographic on where planners get Speaker ideas, and info on who to hire, […]

Startup Story and Pitch

7 Key Elements to Take an Average Pitch to Stellar by Using Stories

Within our Emerging Speakers community we discuss the power and structure of stories in presentations quite often.  Many speaker presentations are powerful on their own without stories, but for Businesses and Startups pitching for support (monetarily or otherwise), stories are a critical, strategic component which lead to greater results.  Creating an audience connection on an […]