August: Decision and Action trumps Wish + Dreams

think into actionActionable August. While most people are on vacation, taking much needed breaks from work, stress, and daily routines, many of those folks also put their dreams, wishes, and desires on the back burner for vacation. Many people do ‘think’ about their dreams and wishes on vacation, but that’s all they do – incidentally think: “boy, wouldn’t it be nice to…..”.  Rarely do they plan, decide or act from that point on.

OK, OK – let’s be honest – I consistently fall into one of those groups – I am constantly thinking, constantly planning, yet rarely moving forward at the speed I want.  I ‘incidentally’ think, and think I plan ‘effectively’.  I take notes, I draw mind maps and make vision boards. I ‘hope’ something clear in my mind. But something else is missing. Being a strategic thinker; creating, conceiving, conjuring, I am constantly working on new ideas and avenues for my clients.  By default, I am not the doer – the aggressive business person – I have too many things on my plate distracting me from being that focused.  For those times when I do not follow all the necessary steps, I do not progress at the rate I like, but I do make considerable progress when I do!

I would like to inspire all of our Speakers to use their vacation time and down time wisely. While others are also away, sipping mojitos and eating themselves into oblivion, I challenge you to use your time wisely to plan and step up. To make some decisions, to take action, to spend time understanding and crafting your ‘why’ – your ‘usp’ (unique selling proposition) – your target markets.

In this new world of speaking, we must be more than a professional speaker. We must be able to connect with the audience. We must possess a perfect storm / triple threat of energy, engagement, and entertainment. To get there takes time, thought, planning, decision and action. Not wishes and dreams.


Take some time over your vacations, mental health days, and weekends to build your mission and vision.  What is it you truly want to achieve? How can you make Speaking a driver of that mission? Come up with some plans of action, and decide that you are worth the effort!

Comment below on what you’d like to achieve, what you are aiming for, what you’d like help with, or what your mission and vision are.

It’s simply amazing what your can achieve once you set your mind to it! Decision and action truly do trump wishing and dreaming. What do you want to bring alive?

To your Speaking Success,

I’m Rae-Ann, and yes you can!

(bonus:  here’s a great article to read on Focusing and Ignoring Irrelevant Cues.)


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