Anthony Simeone

Anthony Simeone

ANTHONY SIMEONE,  Qualified Speaker

 Don’t just be the hero. LIVE the hero!

               Make your life EPIC!

Anthony Simeone is a speaker, writer, personal development coach, and social activist. Relatable, sincere, and empathetic, he’s on a mission to help people choose to make their lives adventurous every day. Anthony presents from a casual, “everyman” perspective, and has a style that is humorous, energetic, and engaging.

Anthony teaches you how to create your own mythology of personal heroes that inspire you to take positive action and shape your own purpose. He created Live the Hero, a personal development program that draws on ancient hero myth traditions and modern scientific knowledge. The program is a practical philosophy that provides a straightforward way to approach life, to empower yourself, and to create your own meaning and purpose. It draws inspiration from a number of sources, primarily the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell.

Anthony’s core presentation set centers around

  • Mental Well-Being
  • Men’s Issues
  • Victims of Abuse

He can tailor his message to address a wide range of audiences, including business leaders and employees, youth, Baby Boomers/Generation X/Millennials, gamers, and others. His topics encompass everything from pop culture and the arts to societal issues and current world events. Ultimately, Anthony’s message is vital for anyone in need of tools to create inner stability and cultivate a hero mindset.

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Hire Anthony for your next event, webinar, podcast, or as a guest blogger.  You won’t be disappointed!

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