Announcing the 2016 Emerging Speakers Series

SJ Emerging Speakers Series

All New Emerging Speaker Series

One of benefits I’ve always wanted to offer Bureau members was the opportunity to speak more, in public, instead of just at our monthly meetings.  Second to that, I’ve always wanted to be able do things for the surrounding community (since we people with something to say, teach, share).

Finally – those paths have all crossed and we will be launching our Emerging Speaker Series! Not only will our local NJ and PA communities benefit from the valuable information provided by our speakers, as well as learn about our Bureau, but our Speakers will have additional opportunities to speak and present on a variety of topics, gain additional exposure, and build their lists / brands.

Our Emerging Speaker Series will showcase 1 or 2 of our Speakers per event, about every other month starting in February. Topics / Event themes will be dictated by our talent pool, and what people are willing to present.

Beginning in Feb. for South Jersey, we will be presenting “Working on Your Financial Report Card:  Important things to know about Building Up Your Wealth and Your Credit (after the holidays, job loss, divorce).  [Yes – the title’s a bit long, and we’re working on that.]  Our first speakers will be Steve Tambone and Phyllis Micahik. We will be doing another financial related topic in both NJ and PA, so if you are interested or have a related topic, please feel out the form below.

This Series will be starting in PA by June with regular monthly meetings starting again in Feb. in Plymouth Meeting.

Other topics include: Paying for College; The Gig Economy – Tools & Platforms for the New Worker;  Schools are Not Preparing Your Children for the Future – What You Can Do. More and more exciting topics are coming.

We are looking for all of our speakers to up their game, and for our local businesses to present new sides to their expertise.  This is going to be a big year for the Bureau, and we want to make sure it’s a big year for our Speakers too!

I am also looking for some innovative , thought provoking, wave making, change prompting type of topics / series.  If you have some you’ve been thinking about, now’s your time to work on them!

If anyone would like to be on the event coordination and prep committee, please let me know.

If you are interested in being in the Emerging Speakers Series, please fill out this request form.

(If you’ve been thinking about setting up a website – now’s the time! (and it will come in handy when you speak at the Emerging Speaker Series)! Bluehost is offering a special deal of $3.49 for a domain name and hosting.  See how to set up a wordpress website in under 15 mins in our previous post.)


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