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Here are some Speaker Resources to help you on your path to Professional Speaking, a Solo Business, and building your leads.  For more information about the classes, you can visit our meetup at

Sept. 2017:  Action = Traction

Fine-tuning Your Topic spreadsheet – sometimes, whether you want to admit it or not, your topic needs some help to be more marketable, and more relevant to more audiences.  Instead of limiting yourself, use this to find out how to make your skills / topics more marketable.  (RE:  Marketing is about creating the need for people who didn’t know they needed something)

Decision Matrix – not sure which topic, or which activity is the best use of your time, or the best to pursue first, then try using this decision matrix I use for my big efforts.

Talk Takeaway Template – struggling for what to hand out at your next presentation? Use this handy dandy template to create something. Don’t go to your next free presentation without something people can take with them, so they can refer / remember you after the presentation.

Aug. 2017:  Get Focused:  Build Your Speaking Business Map

As emerging speakers and startups, our efforts can be all over the place. It’s a natural part of the process as you are trying to implement many different things. Once you become centered on your brand, your key message or mission, it helps to focus your efforts into a visual tool that you can hang up and stay focused on every day.

March 2017 Meeting Tools and Resources:

The other resources that were mentioned or on the table were: the 2 from the February 2017 Meeting on Point of View and Brainstormed List.  The speaker checklist and questionnaire are down under Great Speaker Forms, and the evaluation sheets are under the Meeting Forms section.  If you’re looking for something specific and don’t see it, let me know and I’ll get it to you (or put here).

Feb Q&A Call Tip Sheet Mentioned:

February 2017 Meeting Tools and Resources: 

January 2017 Meeting Tools and Resources: 

Speaking and Persuasion Tips: 

Email, Content Calendars: 

Handouts for the Branding Class:

Handouts for the Book/Ebook Mastermind:

Handouts for the Presentation Class:

Handouts for the Networking Class: (coming 9/30)

Handouts for the One Sheet / 1Sheet / Speaker Resume Class: (coming 9/30)

Handouts for the Business of Speaking Class: (coming 9/30)

“i gotta gig! now what??” infographic – some things to think about as an emerging speaker booking gigs.

Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Optins OhMy! – special workbook for webinar on 6/25 8:30pm.  See meetup for more details

Top 50 List Building Ideas for Speakers – special report.

10 Things Speakers Should Implement to Drive Awareness, Leads and Revenue – special report.

ebook Notes, tips, tools – (previous class) support for online ebook sessions to increase speakers content and asset inventories.


Special Download for 4/9/14 Presentation of ‘Want to Be a TEDx Speaker:

Here is the TEDx Speaker Download pack referenced during the presentation: TEDx speaker presentation pack and ESB flyer 100 ways.  Download both.  The 100 ways brainstorming tool has many uses but particularly helps with defining or identifying your one unique idea or point of view.  If you need help or coaching to get you to the TEDx level, please contact me – I am here to help.

SBW2014:  Special Classes for small business week 2014 – focused on Speakers, Solo-preneurs, out of the gate Small Businesses. Download the list with links here. We are having a contest, as well as offering a 1 a day 20 minute session focused on key topics.  Schedules will posted on the Emerging Speakers Bureau meetup group, and the event calendar here by 5/16/14. Together we can get your small business or speaking business off the ground.

Looking for even more great Speaker resources?  Check out our Emerging Speaker forms below for your gigs, and for our Emerging Speakers meetings.

Great Speaker Forms:

Here are some forms that may be useful to speakers as they build their businesses.  These are the ones we use here at the Bureau, so feel free to create one similar for yourself.  As with all advice, please run everything by your legal representative or other hired professional.

Meeting Planner Questionnaire:  This form is useful for gaining information about your upcoming event, making preparations, and tailoring your presentation to the needs of the planner and the audience.

Event Contract:  Even if an event is a fee free event, we never use the word ‘free speaking gig’. We always offer a real value, but add ‘pro bono’ or ‘Association Discount’ etc.  As an Emerging Speaker, even though you offer fee free speaking, there is a value to your presentation, your time, and your travel expenses.  Make sure to track everything!  Treat yourself as a business from the start.

Speaker Checklist:  Make sure you’re prepared for every event! Use this checklist, and have your own bag or containers that are your go-to items to take with you. You don’t need the extra stress when you have to deliver at your best. Keep all your speaking items together.

There are Speaker Resources available all over the webosphere, but none cater specifically to the needs and development of the emerging speaker / thought leader. Here are the Emerging Speakers Bureau, we develop successful nextperts… those who create and dominate a niche for themselves and their business.


Toastmasters InternationalToastmasters: For information on finding a local toastmasters club, or what Toastmasters is all about, this is the place to start. When you want to build your Speaking skills, increase confidence, develop your leadership skills, this is the place to join!

District 38 Toastmasters:  To learn more about District 38 Toastmasters, which covers Eastern PA and Southern NJ, please visit the District 38 website.


Meeting Forms

Must Haves – Must Avoids Evaluation Sheet, based on Darren LaCroix and Ed Tate’s evaluation recommendations at a Toastmaster’s District 38 Workshop.  This is one of the evaluation forms we use out our meetings.

Heard, Saw, Felt Evaluation Form – an alternate form for evaluations.  Also referred to as the green sheet.

Master of Ceremonies role and responsibilities.  Our Master of Ceremonies can work any meeting or event, and we help prepare them for that role by taking control of the meeting, and making sure it rolls along seamlessly, within the allotted time.  This is a great role to demonstrate flexibility, humor, creativeness, and planning.

Guest Sign Up Sheet – also known as and referred to as the ‘blue sheet’, this helps get interested speakers and potentials members set up for communications and on the way to becoming a Qualified Speaker.

Submission Guidelines – information necessary for submitting articles to the website, becoming a qualified speaker in the bureau, etc.

Qualified Speaker Pre-Presentation/ Preparation Guide – necessary prep guide for all speakers looking to become qualified to present their speech, and represent the Speakers Bureau.

Speakers Bureau Information Fact Sheet – downloadable information about / for the Speakers Bureau.

There are lots of great speaker resources here on this page for our members.  If you’re looking to up your speaking as part of your overall business / personal brand model – The Emerging Speakers is here to help you HONE YOUR MESSAGE!:

hone your message speaker resources

 If you liked what you saw here, and used it, please share.  If it’s helped you, please share a comment and let us know! Even if you have a question, comment below and we’ll help.