Manifesting Monday

monday manifestingManifesting Mondays is our series of webinars, podcasts, blog talk radio, spreecasts, livestreams, and Google Hangouts where our Speakers present action, goal, or similar types of presentations to an open audience of Toastmasters and anyone else looking to create change in their lives.

For our Speakers, it offers new and additional platforms to get their message out and to learn the new speaking platforms that are available. Every platform offers its own unique challenges, and we here at the Bureau offer a place for everyone to hone their skills.

For the listening community at large, it’s a free avenue to learn new skills or enhance old ones, to bring about change or improve conditions at work or business.  We are all in charge of our own personal development and it’s time to invest in ourselves and stay relevant.

For meeting and event planners, it offers an additional opportunity to view and listen to our portfolio of speakers and their body of work, and provides an additional opportunity for your audiences to connect with our speakers.

Sessions are added all the time, and recordings / replays can sent via email when you sign up for the session.  Please sign up for any and all through the links below.  When you sign up for the Speakers Bureau email, over to the right and above,  you will receive the replay links automatically in our newsletter.

Our current schedule is as follows (click title to register or access replay):


If you would like to see certain sessions, add a comment below.  If you liked any of the sessions above (or have any questions), then add a comment below.  For the sessions we’ve already had,  I’ve been receiving rave reviews & status updates.

We are looking to create more specifically for speakers, business owners and the community.

I’ll leave you with a quote,

Choice is the most powerful tool that we have in our lives.  It enables us to go from who we are today to whom we want to be tomorrow.”  — Sheena Iyengar, Professor at Columbia Business School


To your success,

I’m Rae-Ann, and YES! You can….