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Emerging Speakers Month Sessions:

For Webinar handouts referenced, please click on applicable links below.  Please note, these will only be listed here for 3 days, and then will be removed.

Handouts for The Truth about Webinars on 11/10/15:

  1. Webinar Success Tools page
  2. Webinar Process List
  3. Digitally Speaking Webinar Notes Handout

Setup specifically for Emerging Speakers Month, below are the sessions and workshops to empower Emerging Speakers and Businesses.  As each class finishes (or is scheduled), the link and any referenced handouts will be added (title and ‘get handouts’ will change to blue and become clickable when a link is added). Bookmark the page for easy access.  If you find these sessions helpful, build some successes, need more information, or want to share your own tips, please comment below.  You can also use twitter, facebook, and pinterest, but please use the hashtag #DoMoreSpeaking. (changes to schedule may occur, and updates will be listed on meetup)

NOTE:  This list is being moved over to our Emerging Speakers Institute page here:  Therefore, many of the links below may not work, or may not be listed. Please bear with us as we transition all this valuable information over.

title date
Landing Pages, Optins Ohmy! Get the workbook here. (coming)
Wing 2 Wing: You’re more than a Speaker.  What you need to do to build a business.  Get the workbook here. (coming) 1-Jul
So – What’s Really Your Message? Get handouts here. (coming) 2-Jul
Make More with Your Events: Make Your Event Management System Work for You and Build Your List (coming) 3-Jul
Speakers Intro Landing Page Challenge Get the SLP workbook here.
I’m Open for Business: List Building Tips and Techniques for Building Awareness & Credibility (while you’re sleeping). Get Handout / Workbook here on 7/7. 5-Jul
Challenges of the Female Speaker (recording & workbook coming) 6-Jul
The Tao of Rae: Personal Branding for the Emerging Speaker  (workbook) 9-Jul
CRM? Effectively Managing Your Contacts & List Segments: Creating a Powerful Pipeline (tech difficulties, being re-recorded and posted soon) 7-Jul
Defining a Campaign / Creating Effective Campaigns: Aim smarter for more leads, more attendance, getting hired (workbook) 8-Jul
Creating Buzz for your Event and Seeding Sales 10-Jul
Doing Your Own Brand Assessment and Identifying the Gaps 11-Jul
The Speakers Toolkit: Timelines, Templates, Forms, and Tips  (Workbook, templates, and special bonus only for those who register for the call or replay) 12-Jul
Butts in Seats:  Part I – Defining the Right Audience & Their Needs 13-Jul
BreadCrumbs: Leading People to you before, during, and after your Speech 14-Jul
More Bang for the Buck: Repurposing your Content from Speeches to Info Products 15-Jul
What’s Your Style? Speaking Style and Image: Honing Your message is more than what you say.  (Workbook coming) 16-Jul
Working with a Vendor: How to id a potential partner, What red flags to look for, and What you must do before you consider hiring someone (long version) (shorter version on 7/19.  17-Ju19-Jul
How to Build Your Speaker’s Web Portfolio (workbook) 18-Jul
Your Speakers eMedia Kit Development Session (workbook for those that register) 20-Jul
Questions for the Chair  – Open time to ask questions relating to the all the sessions (not recorded.  Discussed finding opps, the speaker 1 sheet, & speaking) 21-Jul
Pinterest for Speakers 22-Jul
Knowing Your Peeps: ID who’s following you, what their interests are, and targeting the Influencers to Build Your Brand (finding your niche)
Your Digital Landscape:  A Google Hangout Special 24-Jul
Different and Alternative Funding Methods for Speakers 25-Jul
Successfully Creating a Crowdfunding Campaign for Your Cause or Book 29-Jul
This is an off day (it’s my Birthday & I never ‘work’ on my birthday! :-) ) or a Recording on Reinventing the Boomerang will be here 27-Jul
Soup to Nuts Event:  From email, to landing page, to list build, to social media 31-Jul
Creating Facebook Apps to Build YourBusiness 30-Jul

If these sessions have inspired you, helped you, or set you on a path, please consider commenting below, supporting the bureau through a donation or purchase through any of the affiliate links on the side (or from our Amazon Store).  Thanks for participating in any of the sessions!