Emerging Speakers Month!

Emerging Speakers Month!




In Honor of Emerging Speakers, and Solo-Business Startups!  Announcing:


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You are a juggler, a comedian, a shark, a myriad of  ‘types’; a chaotic ball of intricately wound strategies, projects, personalities, and driver of results. No one truly understands your world unless they’ve been in it.  You’re an Emerging Speaker – working to build a professional speaking career, a small business, and a future through the stage.

Bishop TD Jakes has said ‘You can’t explain a Giraffe Decision to a Turtle.  A turtle sees the world from their point of view, and the giraffe from theirs.  We eat at the level of our vision.” Don’t let naysayers hold you back.  Feed your brain with the right stuff instead!

As founder of the Emerging Speakers Bureau, I instituted Emerging Speakers Month – to honor all of you passionately trying to follow your dreams, find your place, hone your message, and working to be heard!  So many people make it all look so easy, and then give you tips and tools and coaching on what worked for them YESTERDAY!!  If you want to succeed as a PAID Speaker tomorrow, then you need to start doing something differently today!

In honor of Emerging Speakers Month, I would like to celebrate all you Giraffes, risk takers, dream builders, and wealth chasers – all of you Emerging Speakers and Solo-business owners (solo-prenuers) – for all you take on, for your commitment and follow through, and for your passion and pursuit.

Working to grow a Speaking career, and working to build a small business is not easy, and time constraining. Solo-business owners who are adding speaking to their mix get this too. To honor you, and help you make the most of your time, The Emerging Speakers Bureau will be offering a series of short – 1 topic only, 30 minute or less webinars – where you’ll get not only tips & tools to grow your Speaking career, marketing trends, best practices, and tech tips, but things you can implement quickly to build some immediate impact.

Celebrate with us, and share what helps you do more business, get more speaking gigs, and build your lists.  Post your answers on my Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest pages.  Or your own accounts, using #DoMoreSpeaking from July 1st-July 31st , for a chance to win some prizes! For contest details, how to enter, and class updates: click here to get email updates when released shortly.

In the meantime, make sure to pencil the webinars below into your calendar, and join us for some great discussions.

These 31 days of Emerging Speakers Month webinars are for speakers trying to build their businesses, and for small businesses looking to grow their business through the power of speaking. 

All webinars, updates, and links will be announced via newsletter, as well as on our meetup here.

Order and dates to be announced.  Full session descriptions will be on the meetup pages, eventbrite, and announced on the weekly update newsletter.  

Upcoming Webinar List:

  1. Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Optins OhMY! List Building Tools for Speakers (& introducing The Speakers Intro Landing Page Challenge)
  2. Repurposing Your Content for Speeches, Blog Posts, Info Products, and e-books
  3. So – What’s Really Your Message?
  4. I’m Open for Business: List Building Tips and Techniques for Building Awareness & Credibility (while you’re sleeping)
  5. Challenges of the Female Speaker
  6. The Tao of Rae: Personal Branding for the Emerging Speaker
  7. CRM? Effectively Managing Your Contacts & List Segments: Creating a Powerful Pipeline
  8. Get Engaged!: Driving Audience Connections Before, During, and After
  9. Butts in Seats:  Part I – Defining the Right Audience & Their Needs
  10. Pinterest for Speakers
  11. Getting Started: Speaking Without a Website
  12. Doing Your Own Brand Assessment and Identifying the Gaps
  13. What’s Your Style? Speaking Style and Image: Honing Your message is more than what you say.
  14. Defining a Campaign / Creating Effective Campaigns: Aim smarter for more leads, more attendance, getting hired
  15. Knowing Your Peeps: ID who’s following you, what their interests are, and targeting the Influencers to Build Your Brand
  16. Key Measures that Drive Action: Forget Numbers – Look for Insight
  17. Working with a Vendor: How to id a potential partner, What red flags to look for, and What you must do before you consider hiring someone
  18. Making Your Own Stage Time:  Google Hangouts/Online, Audio, Video
  19. Wing 2 Wing: You’re more than a Speaker.  What you need to do to build a business.
  20. The Speakers Toolkit: Timelines, Templates, and Tips
  21. Power of Partnering: Grow Like the Pros
  22. Make More with Your Events: Make Your Event Management System Work for You and Build Your List
  23.  Sponsors for Speakers
  24. Engagement: Driving Connections Before, During, and After
  25. Successfully creating a Crowdfunding Campaign for Your Cause or Book
  26. Creating Buzz for your Event and Seeding Sales
  27. Creating Facebook apps to build your business

These sessions will be roughly 30-40 minutes in length, and recorded. If there’s a topic you don’t see here but would like, Contact me!  These will all be listed on the Emerging Speakers Bureau meetup.

Here’s to your Speaking Business success!  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DoMoreSpeaking and upload your tips, challenges, and goals to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Open to all who are trying to build a Speaking or Solo-Business.

Who am I?

Rae-Ann Ruszkowski

Rae-Ann Ruszkowski

Building the bridge for Emerging Speakers to get from ‘here’ to ‘Paid Speaking’.  Tons of resources exist for you to build technique, but we empower you with the tools to get there and build a startup business.  A mastermind of sorts, we provide you with stage time, tips and tools to group your business, partnership opportunities, networking, and opportunities to be seen in your local region to help you grow faster.

I’m Rae-Ann Ruszkowski, Chair of the Emerging Speakers Bureau, and I specialize in Integrated Marketing Solutions for Solo to Mid Sized businesses looking to grow.  Social Media | Email | Website | Market  Insight.


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